KUKA|prc Tutorial and Update

KUKA|prc Tutorial and Update

A few weeks ago we introduced our students at TU Vienna to Grasshopper and KUKA|prc and prepared a short (~2 hour) tutorial. Due to popular request, we are now making the files and the accompanying slides publicly available

You can download the tutorial files from here

Please note that this tutorial was initially prepared as a reference for the students who actively attended the workshop and not as a standalone-tutorial. If you run into any problems, send me an eMail


We have also fixed some bugs in KUKA|prc and uploaded a new version, which should be 100% compatible with the previous version. As always, you can get it from here. There may be some compiler issues, so if you encounter any problems, the old version can still be downloaded from here¬†– let us know if anything isn’t working properly.

The next major release of KUKA|prc , which is already running beautifully on our machines, will quite radically change the way KUKA|prc works and – if everything goes as planned – be published along with some proper tutorials and videos.