Major KUKA|prc Update

Major KUKA|prc Update

We are proud to present the latest version of KUKA|prc – parametric robot control for Grasshopper!

This is a major release and includes various significant improvements, including…

…kinematic simulation of multiple robots
…compatibility with the new KUKA KRC4 control unit
…customizable end-effector geometry
…reachability analysis
…axis limits
…checking for large axis reorientations
…custom start/end position for each job
…and many more!

Download it from HERE and see the video above or HERE!

For troubleshooting or feature requests, send an eMail to robots [at]

Please note that this update breaks compatibility with older versions of the plugin, so when you open a file with an older version of the KUKA|prc plugin, the old component will disappear with an error message. Just put in the new component from the KUKA|prc tab, re-connect it, and you’re good to go.