Brand-new KUKA|prc Release

Brand-new KUKA|prc Release


We’re very proud to release a new public trial version of KUKA|prc that offers great enhancements over the previous public version. Members of the Association have had access to these features for a while now through the protected download section on the Robots in Architecture Forum, where new releases are posted every few weeks. Since the past trial version release in September 2013, 15 member versions were posted by the Association for Robots in Architecture – an average of more than 2 releases per month, making brand-new features immediately accessible to members.

The free trial version generates fully functioning KRL code, but does not have support for some advanced features such as external axes. DOWNLOAD it from the KUKA|prc page.

New and improved features include:

  • Support for linear and rotary axes (member version only)
  • Support for a automated solver for linear axes (coming soon for rotary axes)
  • Greatly improved caching and general performance
  • Several new robots including the massive KR500, the new Agilus KR10 R1100, the KR5 Arc HW (Hollow Wrist) and several Quantec models
  • Virtual Robot functionality now included in the KUKA|prc Core component
  • One slider for both normal and smooth simulation
  • Increased simulation fidelity
  • New component for including own robot cell in the simulation
  • New components for setting analog and digital outputs
  • New component for simulation analysis
  • More interpolation options
  • Movement components now use planes as input by default (can be changed via right-clicking)