KUKA|prc: Major Release and Support Forum

KUKA|prc: Major Release and Support Forum

We are proud to announce a new release of KUKA|prc that includes a large list of new features and improvements, including…

  • Experimental support for external, linear axis (members only)
  • Improved NC-file support via SprutCAM (members only)
  • Added KUKA KR180 R2500 Quantec robot
  • New KUKA KR150-2 variant (access via right-click, variants)
  • Added new spindle as used at University of Sydney
  • Improved Command Weaver to work optionally with tree branches instead of items (use it e.g. to create more complex fabrication strategies)
  • Experimental new output in the Virtual Robot component sums up the difference of axis positions, can be used to spot singularities
  • New option for tool change command to just change geometry (e.g. gripper open to gripper closed)
  • Option to set the project’s initial LIN and PTP speed in “Advanced Settings”
  • Option for improved compatibility with older KRC2 (and KRC1) controllers (BAS PTP_PARAMS, etc.)

Alongside KUKA|prc we are also officially launching the Robots in Architecture forum at forum.robotsinarchitecture.org. With the continuous growth of KUKA|prc, we want to provide a knowledge base for all users of KUKA|prc. We have already started adding content to the forum, such as several KUKA|prc tutorials and examples. Members of the Association for Robots in Architecture have access to a locked members download area with intermediate releases and special features. If you or your institution are a member of the Association, please register at the forum and send your username to robots@robotsinarchitecture.org

You can download KUKA|prc from our homepage and Food4Rhino.

The video above showcases work done by Andreas Ettmayer, Alexandra Heiderer, Bernd Seidl, and Regina Blauensteiner during our Digital Design to Digital Production course at TU Vienna. Of course, the programming of these custom robotic fabrication strategies using non-standard tools was done parametrically via KUKA|prc.