New KUKA|prc Release

New KUKA|prc Release


We have updated KUKA|prc with a range of new features!

  • KUKA KR125/2 robot has been added to the range of available robots
  • LIN and PTP movements now accept also planes as input (right-click/Input Type)
  • After the initial calculation, speed is much improved (up to 400%)
  • Kinematic solver has been improved to more accurately reflect the robot’s internal solver

This version has been tested by members of the Association for Robots in Architecture for several weeks and should be stable for both Rhinoceros 4 and Rhinoceros 5 users. If you run into any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The download also contains a brief tutorial to get you started with KUKA|prc. Download it from the KUKA|prc page.