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Using KUKA|prc and Grasshopper, Creative Robotics realized a robot installation at the Ars Electronica Festival with 5 KUKA robots, moving synchronized to the millisecond (through KUKA.RSI) based on motion capture data - forming the so-called "Super-KUKA". All the programming, pre- and postprocessing was done through KUKA|prc and Grasshopper!
The creative non-robotic masterminds were Silk Cie (dance) and Markus Poschner (music), all of us are grateful for the support by KUKA and Beckhoff Automation Deutschland!UNDERBODY 1.0 Silke Grabinger & Markus Poschner & Creative Robotics Von der Choreographin Gertrud Bodenwieser ausgehend knüpft diese 15-minütige…
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