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We completely missed to share the video of the Utzon(X) summer school that we had the pleasure of co-teaching in 2016 (involving Utzon(X), Aalborg University, Jacob Hilmer Architecture, IP RWTH Aachen)
Apparently it had an impact, because Aalborg University is getting a new heavy-payload KUKA robot of their own! That being said, we were pretty happy with the 5kEUR used robot at the workshop 😉

Jacob Hilmer Architecture
The Utzon(x) 2016 summer school explored robotic making in relation to clay extrusion, modular brick assemblies and thermal design articulations. In 9 days a team of tutors and participants delivered a large set of prototypes experiments and two novel brick/tile systems for architecture.

Aalborg University
Jacob Hilmer Architecture
Robots in Architecture

Egokind - The Rush
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2 months ago

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It was an AMAZING summer school !!!

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We're very much looking forward to being part of the AA Visiting School in Lima! Check out their Facebook page for more details and how to sign up!LIMA AUGUST 2-11, 2017 advanced modelling in rhino+grasshopper for a robotic aided prototype with KUKA KR20-3 on an adaptive unit for Lima. 10 day workshop. APPLY NOW - callling all architects / artists / industrial designers ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Were very much looking forward to being part of the AA Visiting School in Lima! Check out their Facebook page for more details and how to sign up!

The AA at Hooke Park is hosting a visiting school titled "Band-Saw Manoeuvres" in July 2017! The result from the previous year can be seen here: vimeo.com/202254746
No more chainsaws, but now even larger bandsaws!
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2 months ago

The AA at Hooke Park is hosting a visiting school titled Band-Saw Manoeuvres in July 2017! The result from the previous year can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/202254746
No more chainsaws, but now even larger bandsaws!

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Sergio Lima Saraiva Junior

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Robot Master Class @ Design Modelling Symposium 2011, Berlin

Berlin + Robot = Robotic Graffiti!
Robots in Architecture is on the road again! At the Design Modelling Symposium in Berlin, we held a 2-day robot masterclass that introduced our participants to the KUKA|prc plugin for Grasshopper.
We started out with automatic toolpath generation for robotic writing, but quickly moved on to multi-axis spraypainting on the host university’s white walls – it’s Berlin, after all!
Using an Arduino board, the KUKA robot interfaced with the spraygun, allowing designs that consist of multiple strokes.

We want to thank the participants of our master class, the organizers of the symposium and the workshop host UdK Berlin!

We are currently at the ACADIA conference in Canada and will post some of the workshop material once we’re back home.

Parametric Robot Control Workshop @ CAAD Futures 2011

On July 5th Robots in Architecture held a one-day-only robot workshop at the CAAD Futures 2011 conference. We really had to compress many topics into a single day…with a long lunch break! Fortunately, we had really enthusiastic participants (Thank you Aurelie, Chengyu, Daniel, Dermott, Emmanouil, Juan Manuel, Pankaja, Peter, Rivka, and Sebastian!) and had a great time going from parametric design to direct robotic fabrication in just a few hours.

For the design of parametric shading panels we prepared aluminium sheets for each participant and then used our KUKA robot to parametrically punch the individual patterns into the material – while this may sound simple, many factors such as toolpath layout, reachability, geometry, design and kinematics had to be considered.

We’ve uploaded the workshop material and prepared a short video of the workshop that also showcases the capabilities of our upcoming KUKA|prc component for Grasshopper – enjoy!


Our next stops are:

Master Class
Design Modelling Symposium 2011
08.10.-12.10. | Berlin

Paper Presentation
ACADIA Conference 2011
11.10.-16.10. | Calgary
We want to thank our workshop participants, our hosts at Lucid ULg Liège and KUKA CEE for making this workshop possible!

KUKA KR5 SIXX R650 on the road

We would like to welcome the newest member of robots in architecture, the “small but speedy” KUKA KR5 SIXX R650 robot Marvin.

Marvin will help us to demonstrate robot control via parametric design on the road.

If you want too see Marvin in action and have your personal robot experience, you can attend one of our workshops this summer:
Workshop @ CAAD Futures 2011, July 5th – Liege, Belgium
Master Class @ Design Modelling Symposium 2011, October 8th & 9th – Berlin, Germany
Kindly supported by KUKA CEE


[E]motion in Architecture: Exhibition Opening

Tomorrow is going to be the opening of our exhibition [E]motion in Architecture at the Künstlerhaus, Salzburg.
We’ll be showing projects designed via advanced parametric modelling tools that were produced using CNC machines such as lasercutters, 3D printers, wirecutters, milling machines and of course our KUKA robot. The exhibition room will close with the symposium “Materialising Digital Design” on April 4th – we have invited some very special international guests as speakers, more information will follow.

Curated by Sigrid Brell-Cokcan, Dörte Kuhlmann, Kristina Schinegger

Kindly supported by the Faculty of Architecture, StepFour, JAF, Steinbacher, Amann, Nuntio and Nebel KG.

ACADIA 2010 – A New Parametric Design Tool for Robot Milling

We recently presented our paper “A New Parametric Design Tool for Robot Milling” at the ACADIA 2010 conference in New York. We had a great time there and thank all of our friends who got up on a Sunday morning – after the big party, no less – to follow our presentation.

In our paper we show approaches on how to integrate the robot not just in the parametric model, but in the design process itself. The example above is a screenshot (with added captions) directly out of Grasshopper, showing the initially created curves, the resulting modules and finally the stacked wall – side by side with a preview of the toolpaths, including the possibility to simulate the end-effector movements and extract KRL (KUKA Robot Language) code. It’s all running very fluently, allowing you to quickly iterate alternatives, both in respect to design and production. Finally, due to the KRL code generation, you can also rapidly output KRL files for mass customization, circumventing the lengthy CAD-CAM-Postprocessor workflow.

You can download the full paper here

Advances in Architectural Geometry 2010: Robot Workshop

At the conference Advances in Architectural Geometry 2010 in Vienna we hosted a two-days weekend workshop dealing with using Grasshopper for robot milling. We were very happy to have a wide range of participants, ranging from high-end offices like Snohetta and HdM to researchers from many international universities.

The course material is posted below – a PDF with the instructions, a main 3DM file and the GHX Grasshopper definition.