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We completely missed to share the video of the Utzon(X) summer school that we had the pleasure of co-teaching in 2016 (involving Utzon(X), Aalborg University, Jacob Hilmer Architecture, IP RWTH Aachen)
Apparently it had an impact, because Aalborg University is getting a new heavy-payload KUKA robot of their own! That being said, we were pretty happy with the 5kEUR used robot at the workshop 😉

Jacob Hilmer Architecture
The Utzon(x) 2016 summer school explored robotic making in relation to clay extrusion, modular brick assemblies and thermal design articulations. In 9 days a team of tutors and participants delivered a large set of prototypes experiments and two novel brick/tile systems for architecture.

Aalborg University
Jacob Hilmer Architecture
Robots in Architecture

Egokind - The Rush
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4 months ago

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It was an AMAZING summer school !!!

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Major KUKA|prc Update

We are proud to present the latest version of KUKA|prc – parametric robot control for Grasshopper!

This is a major release and includes various significant improvements, including…

…kinematic simulation of multiple robots
…compatibility with the new KUKA KRC4 control unit
…customizable end-effector geometry
…reachability analysis
…axis limits
…checking for large axis reorientations
…custom start/end position for each job
…and many more!

Download it from HERE and see the video above or HERE!

For troubleshooting or feature requests, send an eMail to robots [at] robotsinarchitecture.org

Please note that this update breaks compatibility with older versions of the plugin, so when you open a file with an older version of the KUKA|prc plugin, the old component will disappear with an error message. Just put in the new component from the KUKA|prc tab, re-connect it, and you’re good to go.

HAL V0.02 Update

Thibault Schwartz has updated his HAL robot plugin to version 0.02! You can get it from here.

*New components
TargetDeviationCheck utility
Tooldata declaration utility
Wobjdata declaration utility
Overrides utility

* Fixes
Kinematic Solver: bug with second axis rotation is solved Milling Head: endmill geometry is now generated. TCP plane error has been corrected.
Rapid Generator has been re-written, and is now working with work objects. A “CorrecTool” option allows to come back to the ancient behavior, which was based on a tool with a null quaternion. Speeds and Zones automatic prefix has been suppressed. It now handles 17000 couple of instructions (declaration & motion) / seconde.
The Rapid.mod has been slightly changed: you can now add declarations (ToolDatas, SpeedData, WobjData, etc.) and overrides (ConfJ, ConfL, SingArea, etc.)
The Toolpath Discretization component was buggy on polylines, it is fixed.
The Ruled Surface component is now a lot more complete, and allows to use a polycurve and extraction points to generate a toolpath for wirecutting.

KUKA|prc: Update

We’ve uploaded a new version of KUKA|prc, this is a bugfix release which fixes several problems reported by our members and was tested with the most up-to-date version of Grasshopper. Most importantly, it is no longer necessary to save settings to an external XML file – instead, the settings are embedded into the Grasshopper definition. Just click “Apply Settings” in the GUI and they are saved. Please note that this update breaks compatibility. If you open an existing GH file that contains a Grasshopper component, you will get an IO error and the KUKA|prc component will have disappeared. Just put it in again and re-connect it, and you’re good to go.

Members of the Association for Robots in Architecture are already using the KUKA|prc component for multi-100.000€ projects – more details coming soon.

Download the component from here or from Food4Rhino

Good news!

Good news, everyone! Exciting things are happening, the Association for Robots in Architecture has just received a very welcome grant from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) to explore the robotic fabrication of an  innovative building material, developed by an ambitious Austrian start-up company.

We’re also glad to announce that, as we already hinted a few days ago, Thibault Schwartz – developer of the HAL plugin for Grasshopper, has joined the Association of Robots in Architecture as a developing member. While we will keep on doing our “own stuff”, we and Thibault share a common vision of the use of robots in architecture. It is our strong belief that the sharing of knowledge is the way to go, so both KUKA|prc and HAL will profit from this partnership.

Preparations for the first conference on robots in architecture, art, and design – Rob|Arch 2012 – to be held in December 2012, are also well under way – we’ll have workshops ranging from agile 7-axis lightweight robots to heavy-duty concrete (!) milling robots, with several more robots in between. The topics and dates will be announced with the call for papers in mid-January – but be assured that with partners such as the University of Stuttgart, TU Graz, ETH Zurich, and TU Wien it’s going to be exciting!

HAL – A Grasshopper plugin for ABB robots


We’re proud to announce that Thibault Schwartz, developing member of the Association for Robots in Architecture, has recently published his HAL plugin for programming ABB robots out of Grasshopper. We got a sneak peak at his software when he visited us a few weeks ago and were really impressed, so check it out if you’ve got an ABB standing around!

You can download it from Thibault’s homepage

Robotic Punching – Revisited

In the past week, we got quite a few questions regarding the just-released KUKA|prc plugin. To demonstrate the use of KUKA|prc in a small parametric project, we’ve updated the Robotic Punching tutorial, known from our CAAD-Futures 2011 workshop.

You can download the Rhino, Grasshopper and KUKA|prc configuration-XML files as one ZIP file.

DOWNLOAD Robotic Punching with KUKA|prc

The PDF with a step-by-step guide of the initial parametric model is still available for download in the CAAD-Futures post.

KUKA|prc – Released!

KUKA|prc, the parametric robot control plugin for Grasshopper is now available for download at our homepage. Take a look at the walkthrough-video above to get started! We’re looking for feedback, so please post on the boards or send an eMail if anything isn’t working as intended!