Becoming a member of the Association for Robots in Architecture grants you various benefits:

  • Free use of KUKA|prc for research and teaching
  • Personal support and adjustments to KUKA|prc to optimize it for your setup
  • Reduced conference fee for the Rob|Arch 2016 conference
  • Access and support from other members, e.g. robot technicians
  • Exposure of your projects at
  • Access to exclusive components that are not available in the evaluation version

If you want to join Robots in Architecture, please contact us via The current membership fee is 350€ yearly, reduced student memberships are available.

Become a Member

Kindly include your full contact and billing information in the eMail!

To submit the membership fee, please use a bank transfer to “Association for Robots in Architecture”, IBAN AT 053200000010396356, BIC RLNWATWW or get in touch for alternative payment methods.